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INVICTUS–Decide Your Fate

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15th IMGA

True Axion Interactive
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About INVICTUS–Decide Your Fate

INVICTUS is a 2018 action fighting game developed by True Axion Interactive, the first AAA game studio in South East Asia. Played as a fully fledged fighting game in a third-person perspective, players control the fighters' movements and actions simply by using cards. With cards at the core of the fighting mechanics, outside of the fight, players also plan the card deck and strategize how to handle every combat situation. Players battle other real players to acquire experience, gold, cards, and equipment, which are used to increase the player character's abilities, and add further choices for the player to define the fighting style that fits the player the best. The game story takes the player through a journey in vastly different parts of the large game universe from being a medieval knight, into the lost dragon civilization, and even on a path to become cybernetic warriors. Player customization is offered at its best, with facial customization, unique emotes to taunt other players, weapon skins and much more.

INVICTUS is a card-based mobile F2P RPG fighting game for iOS & Android phones and a new entry in the untapped sub-genre of real-time card-controlled PvP fighting games.

• Uniquely combines a real-time fighting RPG with CARD-GAME MECHANICS

• Skill cards are randomly drawn from a card deck

• Players fight battles by selecting one skill card at a time

• The skill card selected determines the fighting action

• Different from virtually all other real-time fighting games

• Unique 1v1 gameplay & melee combat make INVICTUS an exciting new entry into the Collectible Card Game (CCG) eSports category.

What makes my game unique?

• Unique gameplay mechanic, combining card games with real-time fighting games. This is a newly created, unexplored, sub-genre of fighting games created by INVICTUS. • Exciting combat actions with cinematic camera. • Unique character design and game world with an unusual story.

Why could my game win an award?

There was a challenge for us to bring console-like graphics to the mobile platform. As well as carefully directed motion captured animations. It was hard to keep a balance between the platform's limitations and the highest standards of visual quality and we believe we succeeded in doing so. INVICTUS is the game which will put True Axion Interactive on the map as Thailand's first AAA video game studio.