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14th IMGA

Keyvan MalekMohamadi
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About Khak

An story based first person shooting game including driving and fighting levels with real time cinematic cut scenes. Varied game-play/ Small file size ( 37 MB ) and compatible with all devices.

What makes my game unique?

Varied game-play/ Small file size: 37 MB / Compatible with all devices with every hardware/ Multi language: English- Turkish- Persian (could be more)/ Cinematic cut scenes with voice dialogues acted by professional artists.

Why could my game win an award?

The game is unique in the aspect of size and Graphic/Game-play style. We tried to reduce file size as much as possible and also we highly focused on optimizing the game for run on 60fps in all devices. there is an AI to adjust the Graphic level depending on the device hardware power and another control to adjust the game hardness depending to player skill, in the result game is not very hard for casual players and it is not very easy for hardcore players.