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Klay BBJ Maze

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14th IMGA

ahmed jabeur
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    About Klay BBJ Maze

    Enter the Maze of Klay BBJ and Experience the hardest mobile runner game with gorgeous 2D graphics !

    EXPLORE the Maze, COLLECT money,Avoid traps and enemies, unlock new LEVELS And Help Klay BBJ to escape from his Maze .

    ★ Klay BBJ Maze is a hard game because we made this game is for winners !

    -while it's very difficult it is also very entertaining as each level is possible to complete

    ★ Klay BBJ Maze game is not about completing the levels in the fastest time, but with least deaths

    Download and play today for FREE!
    * Includes tablet support!



    ★ Beautiful graphics
    ★ Captivating music
    ★ Klay BBJ voice
    ★ jetpack
    ★ Smooth touch-based controls
    ★ Challenging boss fights

    What makes my game unique?

    - my game is the hardest 2d mobile runner game ever! - it's not a simple 2d runner game you must focus to win. -the idea is original. -without using ASO techniques or ads my game jump to the top 10 games in 3 days because it was an original game

    Why could my game win an award?

    I took the risk and I made the hardest 2d MOBILE game ever. you can try the first level and you will understand that :p I got 1700 5 star reviews on Google play + 50 4 star reviews + 50 1 star reviews from 20000 downloads that means that 10 percent of the players are in love with this game :D i didn't use a description full of keywords in google play page !yes I know + I didn't spend money on ads and I also know that :D this is why I'm proud of this game it was a great challenge for me I showed all the new developers that it's easy to earn a lot of money without investing. i made the game alone without any help.My goal is to show the world that it's easy to make money from internet because this is the only solution for The unemployment