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Knights and Glory – Tactical Battle Simulator

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15th IMGA

Clive Bennett
United Kingdom
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    About Knights and Glory – Tactical Battle Simulator

    Welcome to Knights and Glory, a place to showcase your strategic abilities to claim your victory among millions of people in a clash of clans and much, much more.

    Collect and upgrade dozens of cards featuring a series of historical generals and advisors such as Arthur the Lionheart and Leonardo Da Vinci, as well as signature troops from medieval Europe and Asia, like The Knight Templar and Japanese Samurai.

    Build a royale army to plunder your enemy's treasure and create strong defensive lines to protect your own treasure. Join and form an alliance or clan to share cards and fight for bigger rewards.

    Take your army to victory and be prepared for an epic battle.

    - Earn chest to get rewards, collect new powerful cards or upgrade existing ones.
    - Build an ultimate army deck to defeat your opponents.
    - Make your way through multiple arena to become the best.
    - Vanquish enemy's troops to earn Crowns and exchange it for Treasure Chest.
    - Defend your caravan to secure your clan's treasure.
    - Fight through single player campaign and Mighty Bosses to get royale rewards.
    - Build an alliance or clan to share cards and join many clan events.
    - Friendly battles, clashes and special events.
    - Shape your skills at the Training area.