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About Koi

Beautiful, innovative and immersive, Koi takes its player on a story that manages to be at once small in scale yet significant in meaning. As the titular fish makes its way through the unknown, so too will you undergo a personal journey of self-reflection, contemplation and personal growth. In Koi’s challenging world full of danger and uncertainty, both courage and wisdom will be needed to bring this story to its fulfilling end.


Koi’s beauty lies in its simplicity. The simple yet sophisticated renderings of the pond, fish and flowers are perfectly complemented with a soothing, atmospheric soundtrack designed to bring its players to a clearheaded and meditative state of being.


Solve puzzles and collect resources to grow your fish in size. Each level brings you one step further on your journey of transformation and self-discovery.

Step into the world of Koi and lose yourself in the deceptively beautiful simplicity of its graphics and gameplay, bringing you into its world and enveloping you in a complex, memorable emotional experience.

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