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Land’s End

12th IMGA

Winner of
Best VR Game
Adrienne Law
United Kingdom
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About Land’s End

From the creators of Monument Valley comes Land's End, a unique virtual reality gaming experience set across five stunning landscapes. Using unique gaze-based interactions, the player must unlock the world around them to reveal the secrets of the mysterious secret civilisation that inhabited them. Made by London-based ustwo Games, Land's End is exclusively available for Samsung's Gear VR headset (powered by Oculus technology).

Land's End is a VR adventure from the creators of Monument Valley. Set against spectacular landscapes, the player is tasked with awakening an ancient civilization using the powers of their mind. Headed up by designers Ken Wong and Peter Pashley, Land’s End combines Ustwo Games’ award-winning approach to interactive storytelling with Samsung Gear VR, creating an incredible virtual reality experience that you can take anywhere.

What makes my game unique?

Land's End is one of the first major releases for the Samsung Gear VR. Made by ustwo games, the creators of the award-winning Monument Valley, it offers a uniquely immersive and intuitive virtual reality experience. Using innovative gaze-based interactions and hand's-free puzzling, Land's End is a virtual reality game designed to be contemplative, curious and above all, comfortable. Whether you're an experienced gamer or trying this for the very first time, Land's End is accessible for all, drawing on the beautiful visual aesthetic of Monument Valley, as well as its inclusive approach to game-play design. Whether you're a long-time gamer or playing for the very first time, Land's End will offer a unique and rewarding virtual experience.