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Witty Wings
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About Leon!


Witty Wings is an indie game studio focused on widening the video game field by developing innovative gameplay and playful experiences at the opposite of the competitive and performance-driven mechanisms too often used.

All our games have singular and original narrative intentions and we pay careful attention to the craftsmanship and to the coherence between story and gameplay principles.

Take over the words with SwapTales: Leon! - A unique and enchanting gameplay that brings children and parent together for a collaborative and playful experience through storytelling.

What makes my game unique?

SwapTales: Leon! is an adventure and puzzle game for tablets, in the form of an interactive book, for children (6 years and up) and their parent to play together. Swapping the words of the story is a surprising gameplay that gives you the power to transform Leon’s destiny! By cleverly combining words, discover funny wordplays, surprising situations, and solve riddles to help Leon in his adventures! Will you outwit the game and unravel Leon’s story out of the twenty alternative endings? • Part gamebook, point and click and children’s book, Leon offers an original and unique gameplay to tell stories. • The interactive structure and the puzzles that emerge from swapping words has never been seen before and are intrinsically educational. • A unique and enchanting gameplay that brings children and adults together for a collaborative and playful experience. • A smart game, intrinsically educational, with a high replay value: even better than a book, the story is never exactly the same!

Why could my game win an award?

SwapTales: Leon! is the first game that gives you the possibility to play with words and meaning in order to solve riddles and make a story your own. Even though it takes place inside a book, SwapTales: Leon! is a real game – with trying and errors, challenges, and a real story built for the game system – that adults and gamers love as soon as they understand the concept and access the first riddles. But it is also a great game for kids, who are very fond of the surprises, the wordplays, the riddles and the graphics the game offers. This simple and attractive swapping mechanic is therefore a great way to interact with your child/sibling and bond with him/her through gaming: the game encourages you to play together in a smart yet extremely simple way and gives you the unique opportunity to interact together with a story through game mechanics. More than a simple game, SwapTales: Leon! becomes a way to bond, communicate, have fun and cooperate with one another through a very unique gaming system; that is something we are proud to have achieved and hope you will love too.