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Lifeless Tales: Dear Clarie

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The Last Flame
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    About Lifeless Tales: Dear Clarie

    A strange and unique game. An excuse to make people have a good time with a good story.

    An old computer and an immersive atmosphere involved by secrets.

    Drown yourself in a very well explored story, surrounded by mysteries, twists and details. In a small meticulously constructed universe, talk to a mysterious girl and help her understand the reason of her deep sorrow to finally uncover all the stories that surround the plot of Dear Clarie.

    Join an unique drama. Search for clues, explore the past, analyse documents, watch short and mysterious footage and meet characters from a tale where everything has its own meaning. Live the experiences of Isaac and bring to light one of the stories of Lifeless Rain, the city where the rain never stops.


    Un ordinateur ancien et une atmosphère immersive impliquée par des secrets.

    Se noyer dans une histoire très bien explorée, entourée de mystères, de torsions et de détails. Dans un petit univers méticuleusement construit, parlez à une fille mystérieuse et aidez-la à comprendre la raison de son profond chagrin pour enfin découvrir toutes les histoires qui entourent le complot de Dear Clarie.

    Rejoignez un drame unique. Rechercher des indices, explorer le passé, analyser des documents, regarder des séquences courtes et mystérieuses et rencontrer des personnages d'un conte où tout a sa propre signification. Vivez les expériences d'Isaac et mettez en lumière une des histoires de Pluie sans vie, la ville où la pluie ne s'arrête jamais.

    What makes my game unique?

    Well, the idea has always been to creat a sort of different game. To tell you the truth, we were just looking for an excuse to make people have a good time with a good story. Knowing that the normal visual novel style is not very accepted by most people, we tried to make an imersive little universe for the game. The game follows the "old computer" style, offering the basic functions of one. You can talk to other characters and thats how the game begins, with the player receiving a message from a misterious girl that, at first, shows some hesitation in telling the reasons of her sorrow. As the game progress the player gradually discovers that he's getting closer and closer to a place where everything has its meaning. Documents, files, glitches, mysterious footage, journals and police reports build the tale of Clarie. One of the stories of Lifeless Rain, the city where the rain never stops.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Well, actually we don't believe we'll win. But we made a game that we would love, we spent some time making this little idea become real, so... Considering that we really liked the result, it does no harm to try :)