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Lila’s Tale

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15th IMGA

Skullfish Studios
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About Lila’s Tale

Lila's Tale features: an unique award-winning art style, innovative spherical environment, intuitive and simple interactions, high quality graphics, comfortable experience on Virtual Reality and it's available for Oculus Go and Samsung Gear VR.

Everything was all fun and play until Lila’s brother was taken into a mysterious dungeon. Although she is afraid of the darkness, she took a deep breath, found courage and entered that dark place hoping to find him. Lucky for her, a strange light appeared and now she feels protected to keep on going on her quest.

Immerse yourself in a fantastic and artistic experience in watercolor art style, inside a dungeon crawler with environments specially crafted for Virtual Reality. Lila’s Tale is an action adventure puzzle game where you must explore all the mysteries lying beneath the dungeon, overcome obstacles, solve numerous puzzles to find your way and keep the shadows at bay to keep Lila safe to find her lost little brother.

What makes my game unique?

The game is an awarded-winning experience where the player needs to guide a little girl that is afraid of the dark by being the only source of light in the whole environment. The main teaching here is to help someone that feels oppressed to overcoming obstacules. Lila will only achieve her goals with the help of the player and their connection makes it unique.

Why could my game win an award?

Lila's Tale is a fresh and comfortable experience that makes the player immerse in a fantastic and magical world full of enemies, dragons and mysteries. The game stands out with its great graphics and visuals and also for its charismatic character, Lila. It's an awesome title for the family, with a female protagonist, made by a brazilian indie studios, Skullfish Studios, that worked really hard to deliver the best experience! From all the team, we hope you enjoy as much as we enjoyed making it :)