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Little Lords of Twilight

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14th IMGA

Sophie Grenier
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    About Little Lords of Twilight

    Little Lords of Twilight: Nights & Days of Zikverländ is a freemium, player-versus-player, turn-based tactical strategy/role-playing game where players face off over a board-like environment.

    Players must either reach their opponent’s portal or destroy their opponent’s hero. Players can cast spells or use their hero to summon two minions to help in their play. Players can also collect magical crystals (Madblings) to obtain new spells in order to help them lead their hero and their minions to victory.

    The game supports multiplayer gameplay as well as single-player training mode.

    The game is developed with Unity with a sophisticated framework of Unity components developed by BKOM Studios. The in-game characters and environments are rendered in 3D with gorgeously illustrated user interface elements.

    The core innovation of our game is how the day/night cycle affects gameplay. Each game is played over multiple day/night cycles. The changing from day-to-night and night-to-day also corresponds to a change in the appearance, abilities and spells of the heroes and their minions.

    Players are therefore tasked with learning how to adapt their strategy accordingly. Players must also build up their favorite Heroes by unlocking abilities that focus on this cycle.