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Lola and the Giant

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14th IMGA

Josh Tarrant
United Kingdom
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    About Lola and the Giant

    Two players. Two unique viewpoints. One adventure... Lola and the Giant is a VR co-operative adventure about the journey of Lola, a lost young girl, and her Giant, a screen filling colossus, as they explore, work, survive and play together across a series of adventures full of fun, humour and emotion to try and find their way home. “Once upon a time, in a magically and wondrous land of floating islands high above the clouds, a little girl awakens with no memory of how she came to be in this place. Above her, looming over her, high up in the sky, is the Giant. Once upon a time, in fact, at the same exact moment in time, a tall and huge Giant awakens, finding his arms shackled to somewhere beneath the sea of clouds surrounding him. Below him, far, far below, is a little girl.” Two players = Two unique VR viewpoints As Lola you will explore an amazing, larger than life, magical world from just behind her shoulder, in 3rd person perspective in stunning VR. As the Giant, you will be looking at the same world that Lola sees but from high above, seeing what looks life-size to Lola appear as a beautiful miniature world in VR. • Investigate the islands from the ground as Lola by running, jumping and climbing over them, squeezing into small areas and seeing details that from up high are invisible to the Giant. • As the Giant, search a world from high above, using his size to see further, to peer under, over and around the world, discovering unique objects and areas and seeing things in a way Lola never could.
    Lola and the Giant is a third and first person VR adventure game where you play as both a mysteriously powerful girl and a huge and strong stoney Giant. Switching between their unique perspectives of the world and using their individual abilities, you will solve light puzzles, encounter crazy creatures and experience a charming, fun filled romp through a visually stunning world, all in incredibly immersive VR.

    Lola and the Giant is the story of a girl called Lola who awakens in a strange and mysterious world. There she meets a lonely Giant and together they travel across a variety of creative and fun worlds all in a search for the way home.

    Embark on the adventure together with a friend with Lola and the Giant's unique companion mode. Have a friend download the Lola and the Giant Companion application from the Google Play Store on their compatible device and they can come along for the adventure. In companion mode they will be able to see everything you see and more. They will even be able to place down markers in your world, helping and guiding you along the way.

    What makes my game unique?

    Lola and the Giant was Climax Studios' 8th VR title, and we wanted to push the boundaries and break out of the solitary experience normally associated with Virtual Reality gaming. Working closely with Google, we developed a companion application that provided an interactive second window in to the VR world. Traditional second screen implementations typically mirror the VR view, or provide a fixed camera perspective. Our solution grants the second player the freedom to look around and explore the world along with the main player. Using the mobile phone as a virtual window into VR space, the second player can view the environment independently from the main player, and search for clues for gameplay elements to help their friend progress through the story. Broad support for devices is important, as few people have two Daydream capable devices to hand, so we developed a bespoke version of our game and renderer, tailoring it to run on lower end devices, and keeping the network overhead low. Communication between the main game and companion app is two way, allowing for the second player to interact with the world, communicating with the main player and laying hints to guide them along the way. This allows us to provide a truly social experience in VR that can be shared between players.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Lola and the Giant is fantastic VR experience, taking players on a narrative journey full of humour, memorable characters, amazing places and in the end, delivering an adventure that will stay with them long after. With the companion application, we have created something that sits completely uniquely within the VR landscape, taking mobile VR from an isolated experience and transforming it into a social one.