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12th IMGA

Winner of
Jury's Honorable Mention
Also nominated in
Best Meaningful PlayExcellence in Storytelling
Miriam Verburg
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    About LongStory

    Bloom Digital Media is a full service digital agency with a focus on games for health, health promotion, youth development and playful learning. Based on a strong background in strategy, design and youth development we know how to communicate with young stakeholders to create the products and experiences they want and need.

    Bloom believes that gaming is an unprecedented opportunity for designers to offer interactive experiences that help people develop a healthy sense of curiosity and compassion for their mental states and personal growth. A game can be a journey, quest, story, or even a mystery: All are fantastic metaphors for the process of growth and change that result in a more resilient and healthy state of mind.

    LongStory is an episodic dating sim and adventure sim with a focus on building healthy relationships. The LGBTQ+  friendly app is designed to be inclusive and explores important issues such as sexual orientation, gender identity, bullying and consent. LongStory puts players in control choosing everything from their name and gender pronoun, to who or if they want to date any of the 5 dateable characters. The game has a story for everyone as players solve mysteries, make new friends, and explore the world of love, romance and relationships.

    What makes my game unique?

    What makes LongStory unique is that it was designed to be inclusive. LGBTQ+ friendly, the game fosters an environment in which players can explore, express themselves, and simply be who they are, safe and without judgement. With the opportunity to choose your own pronouns, LongStory offers an accessible and inclusive platform for everyone, without enforcing strict genre binary. The game also appeals to a broad audience, from tweens and teens to young adults. With relatable characters and storylines, LongStory provides players with gaming experience that is wonderful and sad and complicated, just like real life.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Although we don't believe we'll win the Grand Prix, we feel incredibly honoured to be nominated with so many other wonderful games. We love making LongStory and we're so excited to be recognized for all the hard work and passion we've put into creating this game.