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Lost Light (In Robot City)

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14th IMGA

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About Lost Light (In Robot City)

Embark on amazing adventures through a Robotic world on a quest to restore the lost light. Troubles in Robots city, they lost the light after the trumpet. From Robots factory to the Great lighthouse, our smart hero, and Andy, his Robot companion, set out on mission to help restore the light to the city! Experience an exciting mix between PUZZLE and ADVENTURE. SEEK OUT and COLLECT all of the HOLOTAPES to learn more about light. Unleash the POWER of your brain to access new places in the city. CARE from dangerous environment and loony ROBOTS. TRAIN your brain with puzzle challenges and extend your knowledge. Set off on a gorgeous adventure with AMAZING VISUALS. Jump into the action, avoid dangers and restore light to bring back life to machines in Robots city.

What makes my game unique?

Lost Light is more than an exciting and challenging mobile game! It is an amazing mix between fun and learning in such a creative and new way. We are looking for what could come next from mobile games and making a step towards the future of fun learning. Then we are creating an amazing and immersive adventure introducing a new way of learning through storytelling, challenges, puzzles, new mechanisms and awesome graphics.

Why could my game win an award?

We strongly believe that this year “Lost Light” will be the winner of the “Grand Prix” because it has what it takes! Awesome mechanisms and gameplay, nice graphics and animations, amazing graphics and immersive story…