Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Lost Within

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Best Technical Achievement
Human Head
United States
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    About Lost Within

    Survive a haunted asylum and its monstrous Inhabitants. Confront a legendary killer who prowls the abandoned wards. Scavenge and create makeshift weapons or conserve your resources and employ stealth tactics to sneak past the lurking horrors. When all else fails, run for your life or find a place to hide. To escape, you must uncover the shattering secret that led to the asylum's condemnation. There are many doors, but there is only one way out.

    What makes my game unique?

    With Lost Within we partnered with Human Head with the aim to create the best immersive survival horror game on iOS and Fire devices. We designed the game to have a deep story, amazing aesthetics, and engaging game mechanics.