Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Magenta Arcade

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Excellence in Gameplay
Long Hat House
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    About Magenta Arcade

    Long Hat House is an indie, two-man developer studio based in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

    MAGENTA ARCADE is a finger-based top-down shooter brought to you by Long Hat House. Become a god! Your finger is a weapon, but also your greatest weakness. Know when to touch the screen to attack or retract to defend yourself!

    The cycle of wishes is a sacred ritual for the people! It is where you give out wishes for them. During many cycles peace reigned in your lands, but everything changed when Ivo Magenta made his last wish. Now, disaster emerges, and you have to sleep until the next cycle. When you wake up, everything depends on you! Use your finger to shoot him and his minions down, the world's order is now in your hands! Literally!

    Magenta Arcade was Long Hat House's first project.

    What makes my game unique?

    Your finger is actually a god to the game, and the main character. We feel that many of the games you see on mobile platforms these days have mechanics that could work on game controllers in front of a TV, tweaked to "make it work" on mobile. Magenta Arcade is an action game, thought entirely and exclusively for touch screens from the ground up, looking at it as a game console. That's why it is so challenging, too: we felt that mobile landscape lacks games that require full attention and thought from the players, just like a console or a PC game would do, and Magenta Arcade was created to fill that gap.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Magenta Arcade was made with a lot of care. It came out a really unique experience, and that can surely make the game stand out.