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    About Mazelith

    Mazelith is a brain teaser that wants players to interact with objects and the space around to find the right angle and compose the puzzle. Opening the app, wherever you are, you can see fluctuating 3D objects, crossed by a bright light. As soon as you start moving in the space you realize that they look really different according to your point of view. The challenge is to find the right perspective to compose the shape and make the edges of the light connect. You can also rotate some parts of the figure and resize it to reach your goal and jump to the next harder level. Mazelith is made up of eight levels and gives to the player the possibility to interact with the real surrounding space. Your living room or the the streets of your city could indeed become the background for the game.The bigger the space, the more fun there is! The tutorial and the structure of progressive levels help also users to learn the dynamics of the game with ease and to become familiar with the augmented reality.
    A perspective brain teaser in Augmented Reality

    Solve impossible shapes inspired puzzles by finding the right perspective and freeing an ancient power. Are you the one who will bring light back?

    This application runs on ARCore and ARKit devices.

    What makes my game unique?

    Our game uses the new Augmented Reality technology to let users play on mobile but interact at the same time with the physic environment. It plays with the concept of the impossible figures and optical illusion to challenge the user to move in the space and find the right perspective.

    Why could my game win an award?

    We tried to experiment a new technology and push our boundaries exploring something new we never worked with. It was really interesting for us cause Augmented Reality introduces new game dynamic and way of interact with the device and the environment. We learned a lot in terms of user experience and technology. It was an internal project we are really proud of and we hope you enjoyed it! Thanks in advance for checking out the game! Any review or feedback is welcome.