Winners & nominees 8th IMGA

Meatspace Invasion

8th IMGA

Winner of
Best Real World Game
C4M & Mekensleep
Video of the game
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About Meatspace Invasion

Meatspace Invasion is a unique outdoors game for your iPhone.

Go solo or meet friends outside to fight back the alien invasion. Run to accumulate Energy then use it to power your weapons and zap invaders. The longer you stay alive the more gold and experience you will gain, allowing you to acquire high level equipment such as a shield generator or a portable mortar.
As difficulty increases, you will need to organize your tactics and figure out the invaders’ patterns.

Each type of invader has its own behavior and they hide in different
places: play in the streets and you will find street monsters, in a park and you might attract field monsters. Hunt them all and fill your trophy gallery with all the rarest invaders!