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Mega Monster

3rd IMGA

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Excellence in 3D
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About Mega Monster

A big hulking monster and a city will equal building destruction. What could could be more fun than that? Each building will take some effort to knock down, depending on its size. All this will come at a price, as it will make the authorities come out and attack the monster.

Chaos Time

Once the level has started, there will be a time limit (chaos time) that will count down from 30 secs, and when it reaches 0 secs the player will fail the level. This will be represented on the screen as a blue graphical bar. The chaos time can be topped up by the monster destroying buildings and releasing blue chaos time particles, thus causing chaos, which will home towards the monster. But this will gain more heat from the enemies. So the player will have to balance destruction from non-destruction, by topping up the chaos time but been aware that this will aggravate the enemies. It will become a balancing act.