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Nadezda Suvorova
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MIKMA is an exploration game based on the quest for light. Through play, the sound and vision, one travels in space and time by exploring scientific imaging at different scales: from the infinitely small to the origins of the universe, from the big bang then back to present times. The interface design takes advantage of machine vision and sensors embedded in mobile devices to call for re-discovering the world around us and to provide an entertaining access to scientific imaging.

A form of homage to Eames’ “Power of Ten“, MIKMA allows you to travel through space and time by using the camera in the device. The journey is separated into two parts: Starting at human scale the player navigates towards microscopic views, atoms and even smaller particles until the zero point of space is reached. From this singular point, the Big Bang, the player travels through time, from the birth of the universe, to our present time. Each step in this exploration is illustrated by scientific images that correspond to the location of the player in the game.

All images and sounds of MIKMA were initially captured in scientific laboratories and interpreted for use in the application.