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Million Dungeon

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16th IMGA

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About Million Dungeon

In 《Million Dungeon》, you play many different heroes and go into real or imaginary lands.
Be the king of the pirates, or surrender to the government?
Defeat all invaders, or hide all the hard truths?
All these choices, in the cycle of the cycle.
Every choice you make changes the fate of the world.
A unique three-game RPG
Only three pieces in the correct position can kill the enemy in the corresponding position.
Step-by-step turn-based combat brings a sense of urgency and excitement.
Rogue-like elements
Random enemies, random plot quests...
Victory in guessing boxing, sailing expeditions, escape from the chamber of secrets, each is a new experience.
A diverse mix of strategies
Hero x arms x relics x props, mix up dozens of different schools build
Hero skills, arms characteristics, relics, props...... There is a kaleidoscope of combinations.
Rich plot full of laughter and tears
Eight maps, together constitute a unique "tallroad" style silly funny than the story line,
Among them also interspersed with a variety of touching and warm stories.
Savor it, and you'll learn more.

What makes my game unique?

We created a new match-3 rpg gameplay while incorporating an interesting element ——Roguelike

Why could my game win an award?

The mainstream of games which combines RPG and matching on the market are practically relying on numerical value. The part of matching and fighting the enemy are relatively independent. Thus, the strategic performance in the game is not so strong. MillionDungeon create a better way to present and combine such RPG and matching games. And it can not only show the meaning of RPG, but can also show the relaxing entertainment of matching game.