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Minimal Maze

Alper Iskender
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    About Minimal Maze

    Minimal Maze is a minimalist puzzle game which is played by rotating the mazes. #Featured in 89 Countries on the Appstore Homepage in May# Throughout all 90 levels, you will have to do plenty of mind exercises and think creatively while trying to merge the squares. The further you go up to the next levels, the more you will have to think over them – making it harder for you. Do not forget to think twice before moving into the Minimal Maze! Let’s take a closer look at the toughest categories that are waiting for you: Sharp – is a host for sections that has wheels with thorns you must avoid, which starts with mid-level difficulty and gets harder level-by-level. Moon – Now you have more mobility to empower your gaming experience! Gravity has been decreased! One of the ways to pass these levels that forces you to think creatively is to be patient and wait for the right moment! Up – Forget everything you have learned until now -- even your hand skills! Now that the gravity works upside-down! What about music? Well-chosen melodies that suit our game with minimalist design are waiting for you! We don’t know if we should mention; however, you only pay once! We don’t plan to add any in-app purchases absolutely, so you will be able to have the future levels for free! And 100% INDIE! There is ‘one more thing’ We should mention; the game is exclusive for IOS We don’t have publishers or investors. Thank you for all your support! Follow Us on Twitter: