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Misadventure In Little Lon

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True Crime Mysteries
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    About Misadventure In Little Lon

    Discover this interactive, augmented reality game that transports you from this world to one shrouded in historical intrigue. Misadventure In Little Lon is the debut game in the True Crime Mysteries series and the first time AR and true crime have been combined into an immersive narrative experience. The game can be played from anywhere in the world. If in Melbourne Australia explore heritage sites and hidden laneways where the spine tingling events went down over a century ago. Collecting clues and questioning the virtual witnesses to solve this intriguing true historical crime.

    Misadventure In Little Lon is an augmented reality game that challenges you to solve a true crime that took place in Melbourne Australia's notorious slum district in 1910.

    Investigate the twisted tale of events that led to Ernest Gunter's demise and uncover how his formidable sister sought venegeance for his death.

    Playable anywhere in the world, discover the secrets of this intriguing true crime narrative. If you’re in Melbourne, explore the real heritage sites and hidden laneways where the actual crime happened – collecting clues and questioning the delightful deviants who lived in Little Lon. A stolen kiss, money owed to the mob, a hired hitman. Are they telling truth or lies? You decide!

    What makes my game unique?

    Misadventure In Little Lon is the world's first augmented reality true crime game. The game offers a futuristic window into the past. An immersive experience that tells the fascinating, heartfelt and forgotten true stories of the Gunter family. If played in Melbourne Australia, you'll explore lesser known heritage sites where the actual crime went down over a century ago. Questioning the delightful deviates who lived in the lane ways of Little Lon to get a taste of what life was like in the notorious red light slum district. Where brothels, opium dens and sly grog shops were in abundance and gangsters settled their disputes with violence and deception - nothing is as it seems. With it's complex characters, intriguing plot twists and historical accuracy, Misadventure In Little Lon is a unique and innovative gaming experience that will draw in and excite crime enthusiasts, historians and gamers alike.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Misadventure In Little Lon is a landmark mobile game, that uses the tools of today (AR and geo-location) to bring to life the fascinating stories of the past in a unique, captivating and immersive way. The game combines AR and the increasingly popular true crime genre into an enthralling experience that's never been seen before. With a story so fantastic it will leave you excited for more.