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MoKai Adventure AR

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14th IMGA

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    About MoKai Adventure AR

    Extremely simple!! Extremely fun!!

    Use cards to summon MoKais in the real world - experience the cute MoKai fighting with your friends.
    MoKai Adventure AR is developed by augmented reality technology for an interesting tabletop experience, let the monsters out of the physical poker cards and presented in mobile device screen.

    MoKai Adventure AR has two major game themes: Arena and Puzzle.

    Arena mode is developed for the 1v1 battle. However the rule also very easy and understandable. Just simple math addition and subtraction. By placing a poker card down on one of the available slots on your side of the battle board, a creature associated with the card appears with their number/face representing its power. For example, using a jack card will summon a monster with a power of 11. Ace cards are apparently worth 1 point. After each player is done summoning their creatures, the battle concludes automatically, with each monster going head-on with the monster adjacent to it. If you don't have a monster to go against your opponent's monster its current power damages your overall life. If a monster's power hits zero, it's out and the player has an empty slot to summon yet another monster. When the player's life goes to zero they lose the game.

    On the other hand, Puzzle mode is focused on intellectual inspiration, by use children's interest in the image to training reaction capability and judgment ability.

    Try the new tabletop experience by MoKai Adventure AR to have fun with your family and friends.