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Neopets Mobile

3rd IMGA

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Best Interactive Experience
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About Neopets Mobile

With Neopets Mobile, you can now bring with you anywhere. You can check on your Neopet at any time or create a new pet and even select a rare Lutari species. Explore Lutari Island and play games not available anywhere else and you will automatically earn Neopoints for your account. Recommend Neopets Mobile to your friends and be one of the first to fill up your Talisman with exclusive magical beads. Neopets is a full extension to the Neopets world, ''Lutari Island'', is an exclusive island with its own unique items, new places, mini-games and Neopet species. You can synchronize your cell phone account to your online account: use your Neopets online account and then continue to play on your phone. You can also play on the cell phone and continue to play online!