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Norman’s Night In

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14th IMGA

Bactrian Games
United States
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About Norman’s Night In

It was a special day for Norman. The local store was having an incredible sale on the second hottest bowling ball ever made and Norman hadn’t been this excited in weeks. After all, his birthday was coming up and he hadn’t treated himself to a proper new bowling ball in almost a decade. While test driving his sleek new b-ball, Norman--amazed at the responsiveness and vigor behind each slingshot--slipped into a jubilant dream and fell from the heavens.

Norman's Night In is a mobile Metroidvania platformer that tells the tale of Norman and his fateful fall into the world of cave. Use slingshot mechanics to solve puzzles, face unfamiliar cave beasties, and explore the unseen world by the light of your new bowling ball.

What makes my game unique?

Norman’s Night In is a platformer that bridges the gap between metroidvania and casual gaming--a mobile game that doesn’t appeal to people’s sense of urgency but instead to their sense of curiosity. We don’t have time limits or penalties for dying because we want people to be captivated by the story, the art, and the music and not be discouraged from being curious. Instead of having high action shootouts or malevolent NPCs, we have curious bumbling beasts, collectables, and levels designed around increasing player’s movement skill and finesse. The decisions we make for both mechanical and aesthetic aspects of Norman’s Night In are based on our intention of creating a mobile game that is different; to make a platformer that plays like a casual mobile game and feels like a narrative console platformer. In short, we want Norman's Night In to be a point of entry for those who aren't mobile gamers and be a refreshing change of pace for those who are.