Winners & nominees 11th IMGA

Notespace Beat

11th IMGA

Nominated in
Excellence in Audio Visual Art & Design
Amorse Inc.
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    About Notespace Beat

    Explore the world of NOTESPACE BEAT, a science fiction musical comic activity book! Learn about the fantasma-chordical universe of Notespace with three sisters of musical fate, Chic-A-Kahn (Tone), BéBé Dough (Timing), and Luna Bit (Arrangement), who create all note life in this audiotastic galaxy. A storybook adventure that is packed with games about TIMING, INTONATION, SYNTHESIZER FILTERS, BEAT MATCHING, TURNTABLE SCRATCHING AND MORE! Don’t let the evil sister of musical fate, Dischord (Silence) get the best of you, take a ride to Notespace and let your ears take the chair!