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Set Snail
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    About Oddman

    The players can explore interesting and colorful worlds full of dangerous pink creatures that all want to push you into piranha infested waters! The worlds are full of dangerous traps, such as bombs, cannons and falling blocks so you have to be careful when you move around with the intuitive swiping controls. Players can unlock more than 20 unique characters and play as their favourite while progressing through more and more difficult worlds! If they want to compare skills with their friends they can jump into the local-multiplayer mode and fight heads up against them in the versus mode.
    Oddman is a fast-paced fighting game with simple swipe controls. You fight against funny looking creatures and push them into piranha infested waters without falling in yourself! With a king of the hill-inspired gameplay the game offers non-stop action and intense boss battles. The players explore unique worlds with swinging boulders, laser beams that follow you and bombs exploding around you while you try to dodge them. It is all about staying alive and progressing to the next world, while playing as your favourite unlockable character. Think you can beat your friends? Try out the local-multiplayer mode and play against your friends to prove who is the best!

    What makes my game unique?

    The game has a very simplistic and humorous art combined with unique gameplay and intuitive controls that are easily picked up, but takes time to master. The unpredictable and fun scenarios that occur in the game creates a fun and interesting gameplay with high replayability. The ragdoll-like physics that you can use for your advantage when flying around and smashing enemies.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Oddman is a fresh take on a casual action game that is easy to pick up and can keep you coming back to smash even more enemies! The minimalistic graphics works great with the fast-paced gameplay and as the game is still in development newly updates are pushed weekly with new worlds, characters and changes in the game design to make it even better.