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Buğrahan Demir
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    About Olimdal

    Olimdal is a simple, yet challenging puzzle game with beautiful interior environments, set in the authentic library tower of Olimdal.

    The game is about a little wizard who got himself into a little trouble when trying to cast a spell from an unknown book. Spell made wizard's movements affect the movement of the surrounding objects. To break the spell you must find a tome from the highest room of Olimdal. In order to reach the tome room, you must get pass all the rooms while solving puzzles caused by your condition.

    Olimdal introduces fresh take on a simple puzzle element, movement. You must solve the movement based puzzles and challenges by moving or trying to move.

    What makes my game unique?

    As our first project as aspiring independent developers Olimdal, besides its simplicity was very challenging to us from day one. For a core mechanic we decided to go for least ambitious, simplest of all, movement. But as time went by in development, we understood that even the tiniest of ideas can become quite challenging as we try to maintain its simplicity. While we try to contain our big game ideas in a cage to maintain its purest form, on the other hand we went the opposite way for artworks of the Olimdal. We ditched our initial minimalist designs for more ambitious ones and become very satisfied with the result we got. As simple as it has a game mechanics, Olimdal has a far more opposite approach in its art, because of that Olimdal has beautiful duality in contrast. With all diversity in its soul Olimdal, provides simple but enjoyable puzzles with beautiful interiors.