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Orbit Legends

MOREGEEK Entertainment, Inc.
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    About Orbit Legends

    =====ARPG with User Generated Content=====
    Unique mix of the traditional and novel: Offensive isle raiding alongside strategic defense missions. All done with lavish visuals both 2D and 3D.

    =====Fantasy Isle Fortress: Your Homeland=====
    Create your own fortress from more than 100 elements, such as map tiles, creatures, and traps using powerful yet user-friendly in-game tools. Challenge other people's isle fortress to see who is the true legend.

    =====Be a Powerful Summoner: Attack Team Go!=====
    Pick from more than three hundred creatures to fight alongside you. Summon them physically in battle or unleash their skills to overcome enemies large and small.

    =====Varied Creature Growth Paths=====
    Three separate progression paths for your special collection of creatures: evolution, enhancement, and awakening. All meant to make the creatures evermore unique and personal to your gameplay experience.

    =====Customize Your Summoner=====
    Decorate and enhance your Summoner with more than 100 different clothing, equipment, gears, and weapons; each with their special buffs either offensive or defensive

    .=====Star Isle Competition=====
    Fight against players around the world, challenge one another to take on each uniquely made maps for ranking and rewards.

    =====Guild Wars=====
    Summoners join in large teams to collaborate and support one another in sweeping conflicts that takes the game to another level.