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Panzer League

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14th IMGA

CipSoft GmbH
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About Panzer League

Panzer League is the first mobile Multiplayer Online Battle Arena for tanks. It features 3v3 real-time battles that require strategy and teamplay. To win the game you have to destroy your oppenents' defense systems before blowing up the reactor near their base.

Matches last 5 to 10 minutes and focus on player versus player action and team fights from the very beginning. As tanks aren't as agile as fantasy heroes from your typical MOBA, the game has a less twitchy and more tactical approach that's perfect for touch controls.

Players can currently choose from 18 unique tanks out of four different classes. Each machine features vastly different abilities and can be further adapted to the players' individual combat styles using numerous upgrades which gives the meta game a lot of depth.

What makes my game unique?

Experience MULTIPLAYER ACTION with MOBA elements
Panzer League combines the deep gameplay of MOBAs with action-packed 5 to 10 minute matches optimized for mobile devices. MOBAlize now!

Master powerful TANKS with unique ABILITIES
Control more than 15 futuristic war machines, each of which with a unique style of play. Choose your role - and set the battlefield on fire, repair your allies or become invisible.

Win battles that require STRATEGY and TEAMPLAY
Destroy your oppenent's defense system before blowing up their reactor. Coordinate your team and make smart decisions. Gank a tank!

Level up your tank after a match to become even stronger for the next one. Equip powerful items that add deadly abilities or personalize your tanks with unique designs.

Have fun with your FRIENDS and COMPETE with the best
Play solo or coop against the AI or challenge players from all around the world. Become a Panzer League champion!

Why could my game win an award?

Pocket Gamer puts it this way: "The rolling war machines at the heart of the experience [are] slow, for the most part, and that gives the game a rhythm that's unlike any other MOBA you've played before, mobile or otherwise."