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Paper Anne

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15th IMGA

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    About Paper Anne

    The Realm of Paper is in tatters. Amidst the chaos, Paper Anne is transported to a whole new world, where she embarks on a journey in search for her real self. On her way, she enters and rewrites several well-known fairy tales...

    In each fairy tale world, we as players can freely reconstruct the lovingly-crafted paper environments to solve unpredictable, ever-changing puzzles. We guide Anne through magical size transformations and through trials given by the Cheshire Cat, who controls balls of yarn. We help her see through the lies of the shrewd Queen of Hearts, and take care of her sweet companion, the Ugly Duckling. We watch as she plays melodic songs with the ballerina, fights at the side of the Tin Soldier, and breaks the dark spell of the evil Mouse King...

    But these fairy tales are not where she truly belongs. Will Anne find her very own story in the end?