Winners & nominees 12th IMGA

Particle Mace

12th IMGA

Nominated in
Best Quickplay GameExcellence in Gameplay
Andy Wallace
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    About Particle Mace

    Now on iOS!

    PARTICLE MACE is a game by Andy Wallace about defending yourself in a hostile universe by swinging particles into enemies.
    Experience the thrill of classic arcade games with a new, physics based mechanic.
    PARTICLE MACE is a game about trying not to die, but that’s impossible.

    Photosensitive Warning: flashing colors.

    ◥ Features ◤
    ▴ 3 Endless and Brutal Arcade Modes
    ▴ 150 missions to complete
    ▴ Killer OST
    ▴ Reach a zen-like state as you master the art of swinging trash in great arcs to kill enemies
    ▴ Unlock 9 new ships with different attributes
    ▴ Colorblind mode

    ◥ Showcased At ◤
    ▴ Indiecade, Night Games & eSports Showcase 2014
    ▴ MAGFest 2015
    ▴ Gamercamp 2014
    ▴ Out Of Index Festival 2014
    ▴ Smithsonian American Art Museum 2014

    ◥ Quotes ◤

    “...a unique, compelling, challenging, and downright entertaining one-touch arcade game.” - Pocket Gamer

    “Your thumbs ride the analog sticks as if a space cowboy with a mean lasso technique.” - Kill Screen

    “A rad little game, all controlled with a single joystick/thumbstick.” - Game Revolution

    “The elegant movements of your ship are like a ballet of geometrical anarchy.” - Cue Indie Review