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persona mOnster

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South Korea
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    About persona mOnster

    [What Game?] · Push action game to explore the persona. The persona mOnster is a casual action game in which you explore the persona of someone you might be. You can experience a new push action game with tap and drag controls on the cute Hexagon World. [What Story?] · Inside adventure to make a persona. You will see for the first time the Inside mask 'Persona'. And you will venture into the cosmic world "Inside"(in Persona). You must defeat the red monster with the blue monster in that world. Furthermore, you must fight against the existence of terrible trials. You have to make your own persona through these adventures. [What's New?] · Dynamic pushing action. You can experience the dynamic push action of tapping and dragging controls. The push action is simple. But it's not just a simple thing. You have to fight your enemies, considering your character, your weapon type, and your range of weapons. In addition, you can experience strategic battles using different characters and different terrains for each stage. [What's Game Goal?] · Collection and Growth of Persona accessories. There are accessories to decorate your persona. You need to wear accessories and turn on the power called the Buff. That power has a good effect on your blue monster. And, accessories are automatically upgraded if you acquire them from the gift box whenever you complete the constellation. As the accessories grow, the power of Buff will become stronger and stronger. [What Additional Element?] · Inside's voice 'Message'. The message will help your adventure. You can receive various messages whenever you clear the stage. You can understand games and worldviews through messages. And, we expect you to be able to look your inside through a message.
    [Description] persona mOnster is a casual action game that takes adventure in someone's persona. You can experience a new push action game with tap and drag controls. Through this, you can control the blue monsters inside the persona and fight against the red monsters and the trauma (boss). Follow your inner message to adventure. And, experience a dynamic and strategic battle. Maybe you'll need your extraordinary wits to win. Go into the persona! [Features] · A casual action game that everyone can enjoy. · A new world of hundreds of stars and hexagon blocks. · A totally new push action game. · Easy tab and drag control. · Decorate your own persona.

    What makes my game unique?

    I would like to explain two representative features of 'persona mOnster'. First, it is a dreamy world expressing a persona. The game worldview was inspired by the Persona, a social mask defined by the Swiss psychologist Carl G. Jung (1875-1961). As each person is different in appearance, even when he is influenced by social factors, he will have his own persona. And, in the inner world (or unconscious) of the persona, there will be constant conflicts in order to create the persona of the person. Through such conflicts, you will be able to create your own persona. The "persona mOnster" game is developed by expressing this series of flow through the game elements and hoping to become a game that gives users a deep thought. Second, the push-and-hit strategy is a fun combat system. In battle, users can use 'tap' and 'drag' movements in a variety of ways, such as 'Move', 'Advanced Move', 'Push', 'Just Push', 'Advanced Push'. A 'push' attack can push a targeted opponent unit back one space. At this point, you can do additional damage by dropping it out of the map or by colliding with objects on the map, which is most effective for additional damage from falling and crashing. So, in battle-winning strategy, taking into consideration the position of our units, we can rapidly drop the opponent unit or push in the direction to collide. You can experience the fun of learning and clearing strategy on a stage-by-stage basis by offering stages that require multiple strategies. Of course, the users are also available with a unique pattern of attack. The 'persona mOnster' game is being developed with a focus on new world experiences and new play experiences. We are confident that users will have an exciting experience with these two key characteristics.

    Why could my game win an award?

    The reason we have to win Grand Prix is ​​because it represents new gameplay and a new world view through this game. Our team (GGUL GAMES) is three people and has made various attempts to create a game with new experience for two years. But, we know that the content of the game is still lacking. However, the persona mOnster has a strong base of the game. On this basis, we will continue to update the system and content to match the game concept. In the future, our great feature is 'fun to make a persona' and 'fun to clear a trauma (boss)'. Soon, we will launch global. Please watch the persona mOnster.