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Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea

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Lu Gan
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    About Pirate Code – PVP Battles at Sea

    Intense PVP ten player skirmishes on the high seas! It’s time to take multiplayer mobile to the oceans in PIRATE CODE! Choose a boat, find a Captain and launch into full scale 5V5 naval battles. Unleash your unique Captains weapon on the enemy, launch daring broadsides, and control the seas!
    •Take part in 5 v 5, on-line, fantasy naval battles on an epic scale
    •MIGHTY VESSELS Choose from one of 12 awesome battleships each with different abilities and handling designed to give you the edge on the high seas.
    •Choose from one of 10 heroic captains to steer your ship to victory! Each captain enables a unique power from powerful mighty energy waves, invisibility shields, and fearsome frost arrows!
    •Different combinations of captain, skill and ship allow you to deploy multiple strategies to conquer the high seas!
    •Blind your battleship up with better armor, beefy cannons or hard hitting volleys of torpedoes.
    •Prepare for battle with enhanced armor, cannons or torpedoes before taking to the high seas
    •Join a fleet and battle for collective glory, or play on your own as a lone shark!
    •Unleash all manner of attacks on the enemy fleet from frost beams, shark attacks, and fireballs or be more strategic with healing and invisibility skills
    •Complete a series of maritime missions and win precious gold!
    •Dominate one of 3 maps to claim victory
    •Set off on a pirate journey into the unknown, defeat the Kraken on the quest for treasure.