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Puzzle Cats

2nd IMGA

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United Kingdom
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About Puzzle Cats

Puzzle Cats is a 3D puzzle game full of feline character for mobile phones. Five feisty alleycats must find their way back home after a night on the tiles. Puzzle Cats presents the player with a novel puzzle framework in a 3D environment. Controlling one Puzzle Cat at a time, gravity, rollable cubes, non-player characters, and seemingly unreachable objects conspire to create one addictive challenge after another. Puzzle Cats builds on a proven Sokoban- style game mechanism first utilised in an existing Miremare Ltd. title, Altitudes. The game design is highly suitable for a mobile situation as Puzzle Cats presents no time pressure. This alleviates issues with small keypads, and allows even brief snatches of gameplay to be enjoyed, a la sodoku puzzles. Also, the game camera remains largely stationary during play, thus relieving eye- strain and allowing a steady, enjoyable view of the game's cube- based conundrums. Such a simple, low polygon game will help broaden the mobile 3D gaming market by gently persuading casual and non-hardcore gamers of the charm and benefits of 3D graphics on phones.