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Quiz Tales

12th IMGA

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About Quiz Tales

Quiz games and not getting enough love and new ideas from developers, so here's what we are adding and changing, and most of that has never been done before:
- group mode, you and your team have a day to reach common goal
- game mechanics variety, 7 various ways to play quiz
- items that help you protect yourself from your weak trivia categories
- rich graphics and quirky animals in post-apocalypse world
- city ladder for PvP game
- geo-relevance, no more pesky questions about baseball or soccer
- more small but important improvements to the genre

What makes my game unique?

Quiz Tales incorporates many improvements and trivia mechanics which were never seen on mobile before, let alone the way to play with friends as a group.

Why could my game win an award?

Quiz genre is stagnant and seen very little improvement over a decade, and it sees little attention from developers and game designers, even though it's hundreds millions of players attached to this genre. Quiz Tales is also a 'quiet genre', meaning there's not so many journalists and players who want to keep an eye on it!