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Recontact Istanbul:Eyes Of Sky

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Eray Dinç
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    About Recontact Istanbul:Eyes Of Sky

    MORE THAN JUST CUT-SCENES: AN INTERACTIVE MOBILE CINEMA The first cinematographic mobile game of the world, Eyes of Sky, will offer a brand new interactive cinema experience. Instead of the former type of video games, in which only the videos of cut-scenes are real but the game designs only settle with photographs or animations, Eyes of Sky’s videos can be interfered with and are interactive and it’s thriller that is shot in real locations with real actors. You will not only witness a comprehensive murder investigation but also become the actor/actress in the leading role in a mobile movie you have never experienced before with the superintendent Ersin (Fikret Kuşkan).
    Recontact Istanbul is back! Recontact: Istanbul, which was selected as the Game of the Year by AppStore Turkey and came first at the Los Angeles New Media Film Festival, is back with the second game of the series: Eyes of Sky. The most mysterious city in the world, Istanbul is hosting the game with its historical textures and secrets. INTERACTIVE DETECTIVE MOVIE SIMULATION Try to push the limits of your attention, patience and intellect while trying to identify suspects with the related descriptions through security cameras, interrogate them and determine suspicious answers and collect evidence regarding the investigation via decrypted hundreds of photos, videos and diary entries. Bringing together leading names of the movie sector including Fikret Kuşkan, Haldun Boysan, Gökçe Suyabatmaz, Emre Mutlu and Halim Ercan, the script doctor and consultant of Eyes of Sky is the world-renowned detective novel author, Ahmet Ümit. DYNAMICS OF THE RENEWED GAME Recontact Istanbul II: Eyes Of Sky has a brand new dynamic, which is the level of your unique intuition. Each wrong move you make during the game will consume your level of intutition. Therefore, you need to be extra careful while interrogating suspects and reviewing files. Do not forget that attention, an inquisitive spirit, patience and intelligence is of utmost importance in this game. COMPLETELY FREE BUT ONLY FOR CAREFUL PLAYERS Eyes Of Sky can be downloaded for free. The players can complete the interrogation meticulously and watch the game for free. However, at times when you lack patience, attention and concentration, you can choose one of the intuition level packages and manage the interrogation faster and easier. You can also get help from an assistant if you are stuck at one level. AN ORDINARY MURDER, A BODY FULL OF SECRETS The experienced superintendent Ersin (Fikret Kuşkan), is notified of the homicide of Ece (Gökçe Suyabatmaz), together with the security camera footage yet, when he arrives at the crime scene, there is no body. After examining the footage, it is evident that Ece was murdered by her ex-husband Serkan Aksoy (Emre Mutlu) yet, Ece still contains another mystery that needs to be solved. This is the unfound body, which cannot be seen by the security cameras as well. Sekan’s testimony rejects all accusations of murder and the unusual situation motivates Ersin to dig deeper. However, this suspicious situation is more than just a murder. As the investigation gets deeper and as he reviews all decrypted foodtage, Ersin finds himself in a dead-end and among extraordinary secrets. A NEW MEDIA ART FROM AN INNOVATIVE TEAM Eyes of Sky is directed by the new media artist Eray Dinç, who also designed the game and wrote the script. His sister, Simay Dinç, who sits at the producer’s seat is also the founder of Women in Games. The developer and the person in charge of the software is the experienced Developer Can Aksoy. The soundtrack was recorded by Sertaç Özgümüş and Güntaç Özdemir from Kaybedenler Kulübü. VFX Design made by Mutlu Çağdaş Usta (Master VFX)

    What makes my game unique?

    This game is the ''really'' first cinematographic video game in the world. Firstly there is a reason for using real video. This game mechanics, creating for CCTV aesthetics. Game category is hidden object puzzle with detective story. The dramatic architecture was completely designed along with the mechanics of the game. This game totally playable art.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Our motto is making playable arts. This award would be a great honour and motivation for us. We are really new company, We are very excited to make innovative projects. Thank you for your supports. Eray Dinc Recontact Digital Arts Co.