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Luiz Carlos Martins Loyola Filho
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    About Ritmosphere

    Ritmosphere provides an unique experience of music/rhythm by an innovative model of visualization (new musical notation). The game is based on several researches on music education, music theory and technology. The bouncing sphere is a visual metronome of movement, with specific collision points (the beats) that leads the player to entrainment (body movements synchronized with stimuli) with the sphere movement and the music itself. Ritmosphere has also another visual metronome - flashes, auditory metronome and a vibration metronome (in progress on Android, iOS coming soon). By playing Ritmosphere, the user has a full experience of rhythm with stimuli (visual movement, visual flashes, auditory and tactile) to synchronize with the beat of the song, which is the main ability required to learn music/rhythm. Each bounce of the sphere is a beat of the song. It moves bouncing always from left to right, drawing a trajectory throught the musical space. The musical events could be positioned at different points of the sphere's trajectory: on the beat, the upbeat, etc. most of rhythmic divisions could be represented with this model (whole, half, quarter, 8th, triplets, 16th, quintuplets, sextuplets, septuplets, and 32th notes). Each musical event has a specific position and a feature. The feature could be a tone, a musical note, a chord, etc, depending of the song and the instrument.

    Definetely not just another rhythm-game. Ritmosphere is a NEW MUSICAL NOTATION created by Luiz Carlos Martins (Barone) which innovated rhythm games, music theory and music education. A bouncing sphere moving from left to right throught the musical space, colliding with the musical events is a unique model to visualize and interact with music. The possibilities are endless to represent rhythm, melodies and harmonic progressions in most of instruments. This version of the game you can play rhythm on Standard Mode, melodies on the Keyboard Mode and chord progressions on Guitar Mode. The game contains 25 songs with different styles and progressive difficulty. The harder levels aren't for the faint hearted, especially if you want to pursue 3 stars score (perfect) in all levels. (Adjust the Input Delay and the Universal Offset to your device and perception of sync.)

    What makes my game unique?

    Different from any other rhythm game. In Ritmosphere the user has a full experience of rhythm with visual, auditory and tactile stimuli in a unique and inovative model of visualization (new musical notation) that will help him/her get and understand the patterns, a different way to experience music, hearing, visualizing and interacting following the movement of the sphere synchronizing his/her body movement with.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Because Ritmosphere innovated the way we visualize music in an intuitive and easier way. Differently from any other music notation, Ritmosphere is really concerned about representing rhythm the way we actually experience it: physically, throught the body movement. It has a lot of background research and it is a fun way to learn and practice music, or just have some fun visualizing and interacting with music throught a different approach. Ritmosphere has a undeniable potential to enhance the human experience with music, and that is my mission here.