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Roll Turtle (IMGA China Best Quickplay Game)

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Kira Fu
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    About Roll Turtle (IMGA China Best Quickplay Game)

    Roll Turtle is an easy to play but challenging, action driven puzzle platformer That embarks you on an exciting rolling journey. Help Daddy Turtle to save his baby in 5 fantastic worlds! That's Rolling!

    Fan Quotes
    5/5 - "This is one of those excellent puzzle games that might fall under the radar unless it's featured..." - by Donny K76

    5/5 - "This game is actually really cool! At first I thought it would be easy to play, but after about five levels, I realized it would take a lot more skill. The graphics are great, with an excellent parallax background effect, but it's the intentionality behind the level design that really gets me excited. I definitely recommend." - by rainmaker101

    5/5 - "I really love this game. It looks amazing and the gameplay is fun and challenging. One time payment which is completely worth it!" - by Esther Lapre

    5/5 - "Clearly made by someone who has a natural affinity for games! Alluring, seductive, infuriating - this game will suck the time like a Dyson on steroids. Enjoy - I am!" - by Moss bunnie

    ► Nominated of the IMGA SEA(International Mobile Gaming Awards) - Best Mobile Game
    ► Chunghwa Telecom software development awards - Best Game
    ► Golden Penguin Award - Find the Best Apps in Taiwan
    ► Golden Penguin Award - Best Entertainment App 2016
    ► Golden Penguin Award - Best International Development App 2016
    ► WINNER of the 4C Digital Design Award
    ► WINNER of the Bahamut Indie Game Award
    ► Featured in the App Store’s "10 Best Games in Taiwan"
    ► Featured in the GameSalad’s Game of the Month May 2016
    ► Featured in the App Store’s Best New Game 116 countries
    ► Selected at Taipei Game Show Indie Game Award Top 10 Game
    ► Selected at Tokyo Game Show Indie game area
    ► Selected at Casual Connect Asia Indie Game Prize

    • Casual gameplay combining platformer, puzzles, and challenging with innovative level design.
    • 5 different worlds with 100+ truly unique levels and boss level.
    • Intuitive and Easy to understand controls, Touch then roll!
    • Super cute characters, but beware of the progressive difficulty that has a challenge for everyone!
    • Memorable, fun and unique soundtrack, with a different theme for each world!
    • No iap, No ads, with the progress of the game to unlock everything.
    • Universal app optimized for iPhones, iPods and iPads.
    • Achievements & Leaderboards.

    * Retina display support - view all the detailed artwork in high quality!
    * Universal app: play on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.

    Roll Turtle is now available in all of the following languages(accessible from the settings menu): English, French, Italian, German, Spanish, Japanese, Korean, Chinese(Traditional), Chinese(Simplified), Thai,Indonesian Bahasa, Russian.

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    What makes my game unique?

    Dev log - 0108 Final Chapter - On the eve Roll Turtle launch I have been a full time Indie Developer since 2014. I quit my regular job to create "Roll Turtle". At that time my son was born, he gave me the courage and inspiration to create something for him. Since becoming self-employed, I have received no income and have been living off my life savings. I have a home mortgage, a baby and a family to take care of. It is a big risk and difficult journey. But when my baby grows up in 5 or 10 years, I hope that his favorite games are made by his father. Well at least one of his favorite games is made by me. I would like share every game development experience, play the game with him and just chat all day :) "This game is funny? This game was created by your father when you were 2 years old!" I want to tell him this story, I want to see him raised his head and eyes to his father, I want to him proud of his father. This is a difficult decision, when you not a young man, when you have a baby, when you have home mortgage loans. I am grateful to my wife for her encouragement. She told me "just do it!" 「Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results。」 ~by Einstein I know that if I continue to stay with my regular job, this would never have happened. Things would be probably be just fine and secure, but you won't know unless you give it a shot. If you want something, you have to do something about it. Special thanks to my wife for her support. I did all the development on Roll Turtle except for the sound design. I never wanted to say that I'm a one man Indie developer, because without my wife and baby, I could never of completed Roll Turtle. (Although my baby frequently climbs on my lap and wants to type on the keyboard... this drives me insane) As a family, we push Roll Turtle forward, we adventure together, travel together, laugh together, cry together, we setup the monitor together, carry laptop in the rain, we pulled luggage, stroller and equipment in the sun, we participated in Causal Connect Asia 2015, Tokyo Game Show 2015, Taipei Game Show 2016...etc, we've been through all of this together, Roll Turtle filled me, my wife and baby with love and memories of the past 2 years. Thanks to God, these memories will be my life's most precious treasures. Roll Turtle is another one of my babies. If you love action puzzle game, if you love stand-alone consoles game, if you love adventure stories that have beginning and end, if you love cute characters and fairy tales, if you love to only pay once for a truly complete game, you must try Roll Turtle :) Roll Turtle will be release on iTunes App Store May 19, 2016!

    Why could my game win an award?

    Roll Turtle is created for my son, he thinks this game is the best game in the world(his iPad), well, he played the game is not much, because he just two and a half years old :)