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Sailor Cats

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15th IMGA

Valeria Castro
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    About Sailor Cats

    In Sailor Cats you’ll have to travel the world fishing resources to build bigger ships. Along the way you’ll find a collection of rare treasures, rescue castaway cats that will join your fleet, and discover new islands. Equip your boats with your favorite cats, dress them with the most kawaii and fun costumes, and set sail for adventure!
    To start up your Sailor Cats adventure you'll need 4 simple ingredients: a lonely stranded cat, a cardboard box to sail the sea, the simplest fishing rod, and a hunger for adventure! From there, you'll explore a wonderful island, build an awesome fishing fleet manned (catted?) by the cutest rescued cats, and hoard a HUGE collection of costumes, treasures and relics!

    What makes my game unique?

    Playing Sailor Cats is just like finding a treasure chest, opening it, and plunge in it as you dig among all the wonders it contains. Everytime you play, you'll discover and obtain new content, gradually unravelling all its fun and cuteness. The relaxed pace of the fishing and off-game events suggest a rhythm that entertains players during weeks as a candy to the eye and soul, always waiting you with gifts and surprises.

    Why could my game win an award?

    To be completely honest, we don't expect Sailor Cats to win the Grand Prix. Just as in the game, it's not about winning, but about discovery and joining the fun. We'll consider Sailor Cats a winner of IMGA as long as it lures and hooks some more players!