Winners & nominees 14th IMGA

Sender Unknown: The Woods – Text Adventure

Nominated for the

14th IMGA

Nicole Jekich
United States
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    About Sender Unknown: The Woods – Text Adventure

    Through a text message, fate connects you with a total stranger. Now you are Morgan’s only hope to survive. Will you serve as a lifeline, or return to your own life and let a stranger’s fate go unknown?
    Four friends are lost deep in the Ozarks, stalked by a madman. With your help, they’ll solve intricate puzzles, make difficult choices, repair their relationships, and save each other’s lives.
    Through text messages and images, you can guide them away from harrowing danger and solve a mystery. Your choices will determine who loves, who lives, and who dies.
    How much will you put on the line for a Sender Unknown?