Winners & nominees 16th IMGA

Shadow of Naught

Nominated for the

16th IMGA

Taawoos Studio
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About Shadow of Naught

Shadow of Naught is an interactive drama about a period of three guys' life named Martin, Andrew, and Anna. You will get involved with their life challenges, and your choices will let you discover different layers of the story. Playing music, chat fiction, branching conversations, and various mini-games will form your experience.

Martin asks Anna, on a date. He is the director of a technology company and Anna is one of his customers. After saying goodbye, he has three unread messages: one from company secretary, one from his wife Celeste and a strange message from his close friend Andrew which is a terrifying ordeal.

- Around 45min gameplay
- Innovative art-style
- Multi-layer story
- Deeper storyline with right choices
- Playing piano
- Chat fiction
- Branching conversations

What makes my game unique?

Shadow of Naught gives you a whole new experience of storytelling. Story pieces are provided by stylish interactive posters, and you'll be able to play the story, find your own path, get involved in the characters' lives, and solve their puzzles. Your choices will let you know more or just reach the end.

Why could my game win an award?

We’ve put an effort on every part of the game in an innovative way. Mainly storytelling, graphics, game-design, sound and music. The outcome of this endeavor has become a product that is competitive with the successful story-driven games of the global market.