Winners & nominees 13th IMGA

Shadow Wars: Summon, Battle, Dominate

Edouard Favier
New Zealand
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    About Shadow Wars: Summon, Battle, Dominate

    Fierce battles, ruthless monsters, and intense strategy. Enter the Shadow Wars. Monsters are real. As a Shadow Master, you have the power to control them. To survive, your monsters must fight the monsters of other Shadow Masters around the world. Join the hidden battle raging across the globe. Travel to major cities and clash with five secret factions, capturing new monsters and collecting rare artifacts in each vibrant location. Carefully balance your monsters' abilities to craft the ultimate crew, then unleash them on teams of opponents in a strategic game of planning, timing and skill. As you level up and evolve your monsters, you'll face great and deadlier foes. Join the war or be destroyed. Features: - Collect, level up, and evolve powerful monsters, each with unique skills and abilities - Intense strategy - build a crew of monsters, configure their skills, and plan your play - Form alliances with players worldwide - join forces in battle and defeat rivals - Daily and weekly live event based on real-world news stories - compete to collect rate monsters, crucial resources, and legendary artifacts - Artifacts to collect and further customize your playing experience Shadow Wars is free to play but offers some game items for purchase with real money.