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SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery

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Jeremy Ooi
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    About SIMULACRA – Found phone horror mystery

    SIMULACRA is a narrative horror game that takes place entirely on on a mobile phone. Anna, the phone’s owner, left a cryptic message and her friends informs you that she is nowhere to be found. Take it one step further and hijack her dating app, view her private vlogs and stalk with her social media. Let the mystery take you through a plot with branching stories and impactful choices that will lead to multiple endings. Solve recurring text and image puzzles to learn more about Anna’s life and what might have happened to her.
    SIMULACRA is a realistic “found phone” horror game that takes place entirely on the screen of a mobile phone. A voyeuristic experience that combines point and click adventure games, found footage videos and fully realised phone apps. It is also a spiritual sequel to Sara Is Missing.

    You find a phone belonging to a missing person named Anna. In it, you see a mysterious video of her crying for help. Something weird is going on. Her friends have no idea where she is. The contents of her phone provide fragments of clues to her fate, but it is up to you to piece it together. Is she just another victim of a crime or is there something supernatural going on?

    What makes my game unique?

    Simulacra is a "copy" of a mobile phone, made for a truly unique game experience. In this game, we have simulated mobile apps that are common in most phones like chat, gallery, social media and even dating apps. Complete with characters to talk to, recurring and unique puzzles to solve along with some creepy moments in between, Simulacra makes for an unsettling and memorable experience.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Our goal is to create a "serious" game for mobile. Focusing on narrative and atmosphere that are more common on PC games. We want to bring these big narratives to the small screen in a meaningful way