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    About Simulacra

    Simulacra is mobile thriller game that simulates the experience of looking through someone else's phone by recreating a fictional mobile phone.

    A spiritual successor to the award winning narrative thriller Sara is Missing, Simulacra expands on using the smartphone interface as a game. With more branching dialogues, recurring puzzles and new "apps" to look through.

    Apps included: CHAT, the main means of communicationg with the game's NPCs SPARK, a dating app used for meeting people with similar interest JABBR, a social media network SURF, a web browser And many more!

    You came across a mobile phone of a missing young woman named Anna. Looking through it, you have to trace her final steps by talking to her friends, looking through her messages, emails, gallery and other phone apps. Question everything you see because nothing is what it seems.

    What makes my game unique?

    Simulacra is a "copy" of a mobile phone, made for a truly unique game experience. In this game, we have simulated mobile apps that are common in most phones like chat, gallery, social media and even dating apps. Complete with characters to talk to, recurring and unique puzzles to solve along with some creepy moments in between, Simulacra makes for an unsettling and memorable experience.

    Why could my game win an award?

    Our goal is to create a "serious" game for mobile. Focusing on narrative and atmosphere that are more common on PC games. We want to bring these big narratives to the small screen in a meaningful way