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Spiral Storm

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16th IMGA

echo li
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About Spiral Storm

Spiral Storm is a real-time mobile card game.

1. Fast-paced strategy card game+ MOBA
This game runs at a fast pace with each match less than 3 minutes,featuring the strategy of card games and fluid control of action games

2. A rich card pool. Fair gameplay with no upgrade mechanics
Over 260 cards. Freely build your decks and collect cards. Use your imagination and create endless possibilities.

3. Unique art design
Bright color and lively American cartoon style aimed at the young generation

4. Abundant stories and challenging stages
“Heroic Journey” tells the back story of every hero, including multiple PVE stages with different level of difficulty

What makes my game unique?

The brand new real-time card game battle experience is refreshing to the genre. The traditional card role-playing has completed the real-time evolution long ago, but the digital real-time card trading has been standing in place for a while. Many real-time trading card games have incorporated various systems for the sake of balance, which has made the design of cards be further away from the rea-life trading card game experience. The core experience of "Spiral Storm" fully inherits the card design of the old-school trading card games through the game design of the rules. It is the only game so far that uses the standard trading card experience to merge with the real-time battle experience, creating a unique genre of games.

Why could my game win an award?

The goal of "Spiral Storm" is here to make contributions to the overall game development evolution and evolution of gameplay itself. We want to push boundaries beyond what is possible in both real-time battlers and in trading card games so far in the industry.