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Sprint RPG

Nominated for the

16th IMGA

United Kingdom
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    About Sprint RPG

    The dusty Bone Dungeon awaits, full of treasure and peril...

    Pick up your mighty sword,

    Embrace your trusted shield,

    Put your high heels on... and RUN!

    Smite enemies at record speed in this Rogue-lite game of fast-paced combat and memory.

    Defeat the Bone King and his skeletal monster horde and make your bid for freedom.


    ◆ Race against the clock in your wooden clogs or soft slippers.

    ◆ Hack, slash, fish-slap or fly swat enemies with epic weapons.

    ◆ Memorise enemy patterns and outwit the smartest of foes.

    ◆ Collect all the monsters in your bestiary handbook.

    ◆ Fill your shelves with priceless lost relics.

    ◆ Dress to impress and dazzle your enemies with that stylish disco wig!

    ◆ Test your bravery and gain the highest score in endless mode.

    ◆ One-handed gameplay (You'll need a free hand to pull your hair out!)