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Squids Ink

Sungku Kang
South Korea
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    About Squids Ink

    An underwater adventure game about Squids! An exciting, quick-paced game with arcade-style action, peppered with strategy, and progressive base-building throughout the campaign. Discover the story of Philip and his family and friends on an epic journey. Developer Description Experience a story under the waves like none you have heard before! Take a journey into the deep blue sea and follow the story of Philip the squid. Along the way, meet his cute sister Merry, the beautiful Emma who is all legs, his Uncle Cobb who is loyal but lazy and Professor Chad whose knowledge is unsurpassed but whose jokes are very questionable. Key Features -A revolutionary new gameplay that is easy to learn, with hidden depths that make it challenging to master. -Play the game with only one finger! -Stunning graphics and animations. -Interesting, unique characters and an engaging story. -Includes an extensive offline Story mode and a League mode with online Leaderboards. Game features -Exciting genre mash-up of arcade-style action, collectible card deck building, RPG style upgrading, and base-building features. Something for everyone! -Unique Controls - Learn to control the Lamp, run a company, and protect the denizens of the sea. Learn the special moves of the Lamp to maximise your efficiency. -Over 100 different items to collect and upgrade. Build your deck, refine your strategies, and if you choose, challenge other players around the world in League mode. -Packed with interesting facts about the ocean and squids, one of the coolest animals in salt water! Learn while you play! -A fair Free-to-play model that doesn't promote pay-to-win. Play at your leisure, play at your own pace to complete the Story mode. Notes Developed by a small indie team consisting of a unique collaboration between a couple of hard-working and talented Korean programmers and an Australian Scientist. This is truly a labour of love. Please continue to support indie development.

    What makes my game unique?

    Very unique style game play is not only just unique but also very polished. Well polished 3d like 2d game graphics are also very unique point of our game and all of it is done by very small team with 3 people.

    Why could my game win an award?

    As you can see on our Google play store page, we got 4.9 score with over 900 rating users. Most of people love this game :)