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Stack & Crack

Rajaram Santhanam
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About Stack & Crack

Stack & Crack is a 3D Puzzle game like no other with beautifully handcrafted levels. It's a game with a graded learning curve and there are so many creative elements to explore! Don't try to search for instructions on how to play, because the levels are designed in such a way that this game doesn't require any tutorial. But does that mean it's easy to crack? Not at all. Stacking is easy. Cracking is hard!
“Stack & Crack” is a minimalistic puzzle game about four cubes and their companionship. Your goal is to guide all the cubes to the portal. But, how? Well, download and find out. ;) Stack & Crack also has : - Mind boggling and challenging puzzles. - iCloud sync for the uninterrupted player experience. - 90+ hand-crafted levels to crack. - 6 unique game elements to explore. - Minimalistic game design with a soothing soundtrack. Crafted with love and lots of passion, we hope you enjoy playing Stack & Crack!

What makes my game unique?

An innovative game mechanism where you can stack cubes, one over the other, to crack each puzzle. Stack & Crack extends traditional 2-dimensional board games to 3-dimensions. Yeah, technically, you need to guide the cubes in all 3 axes - X-axis (horizontal movement), Y-axis (vertical movement) and Z axis (Stacking mechanism)

Why could my game win an award?

Completely unique game mechanic (Stacking) among other board puzzle games. Keeping that in mind, we’ve designed 6 innovative game elements which in return brings a whole new experience and challenging puzzles.