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Hoogoo Game Studio
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About Stars

Stars is an arcade 2d puzzle game that uses the old school formula of video games back in days, which was one simple mechanic and tons of levels, but in modern fashion.

. Simple rules and simple controls
. Short and fast levels that make the game suitable to play when you are on the bus or metro
. More than 80 levels throughout 4 chapters with 4 different visuals and 4 new twists

The goal of every level in this game is to draw a pattern (YES that simple).Players, simply have to swipe through the screen and connect the dots(stars) in order to create a pattern (which presented to them at the start of each level ) but they have to do it before their lives runs out. It means that they have a certain amount of tries that they can use to reach the goal of game.
In order to beat the game, players have to clear the levels 1 by 1 and in the end of each chapter the next one will be unlocked. With each chapter introduces a new extra rule or twist to mix it up.